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International Children's Peace Prize Projects 2008

The International Children's Peace Prize is accompanied by a AkzoNobel Children’s Peace Prize Fund of 100,000 Euro. This is given by KidsRights to concrete projects in the spirit of the commitment of the young winner. The project contributes to the mission of the winner and has positive impact on his or her environment.


IBISS, Brazil

The project fund for the International Children’s Peace Prize 2008 funded two projects against social exclusion of children and youngsters in the favelas (slums); “Favela Força on tour” and “Vila Cruzeiro on-line”.

Mayra’s (Children’s Peace Prize winner 2008) theatre group, Favela Força, makes its own productions around themes that are current for children and youngsters who live in the favela Vila Cruzeiro. By means of theatre, children and young people are informed and educated about their rights.

With the project ’Vila Cruzeiro On-Line’, IBISS, the organisation that nominated Mayra, wants to break the chain of neglect, marginalisation, social exclusion and violence that a lot of children and young people in the favela have to endure. It provides children from the slum the opportunity to increase their technological knowledge and gives them the opportunity to use new means of communication. This way, they strengthen their message of peace, their right to education and access to the labour market.