A Kids Rigts Initiative

In 2010 Francia won the International Children’s Peace Prize. The three other nominees have all made an impressive difference in their environment, at a very young age, each in their own way:


Emmanuel - Rwanda

Emmanuel is a boy from Rwanda who fights for the right to education and breaking the circle of poverty. He singlehandedly started a project that enabled him to pay for his own school fees as well as safe some money. With this enterprise he shows that children can help change their own circumstances through small projects and by saving money. And therewith, get themselves into school.



Gretahun - Ethiopia

Getahun is a 16 year old boy from Ethiopia who stands up for the protection of children against violence, like abuse in school or at home. He mainly does this by talking to people and telling them that the violence against children needs to stop.



Tatiana – United States
Tatiana is a girl from the United States who fights for improvement of literacy in Africa. She does this by starting libraries and sending books to Africa. Tatiana has a great passion for reading and therefore wants to give other children the opportunity to enjoy books as well.