A Kids Rigts Initiative

International Children's Peace Prize Projects 2011

The project fund of 100.000 Euro, attached to the International Children’s Peace Prize 2011, is donated to the Chaeli Campaign and FW de Klerk Foundation. Both NGOs, operating in South Africa, focus on improving the lives of disabled children.

Chaeli Campaign, South Africa
The Chaeli Campaign, established by Children’s Peace Prize winner Chaeli Mycroft, is allocating the project fund to four programmes within the Chaeli Campaign: The Therapy Programme provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy for disabled children in several townships. The Early Childhood Development Programme (Inclusive Education) stimulates the physical and mental development of very young disabled children (0-4 years). The Formal Education Programme (Inclusive Education) focuses on facilitating mainstream education for disabled children by providing education, training and tools. Lastly, the Pay-it-Forward Ambassadors Programme teaches young enterprising children (10-14 years) about social entrepreneurship and developing their own projects in helping other children.
With these four programmes, life-changing support is given annually to 230 disabled children and 40 parents.

FW de Klerk Foundation, South Africa
The FW de Klerk Foundation, established by Nobel Peace Laureate F.W. de Klerk, has been supporting and monitoring scalable local initiatives focused on improving the quality of life of disabled children. Support is rendered in a special care centre for severely mentally impaired children, in two special schools; one for deaf children and one for disabled children, as well as an outreach programme to raise educational achievements of children in disadvantaged areas.