A Kids Rigts Initiative

In 2012, Kesz won the International Children’s Peace Prize. The two other nominees have both made an impressive difference in their environment, at a very young age, each in their own way:


Amina - Ghana
Amina from Ghana thinks education is necessary to live a peaceful life. At a young age, she risked being taken out of school to be forced into marriage. Her teachers managed to prevent this in collaboration with the local authorities. Since then, Amina has become the co-founder and representative of the “Achievers Book Club”, an organisation that defends the rights of children in general and strives for education for girls in particular. She petitions the relevant authorities asking for constitutional changes, joins forces with other NGOs and organises forums about education for girls aimed at opinion leaders from various communities. Despite her young age, Amina has already made many people in Ghana aware of girls’ right to education.


Anwara – India
Anwara is from the West Bengal region in India, an area notorious for the trafficking of girls. After her father passed away Anwara was given to a local human trafficker by her family in exchange for some money and a share of her monthly salary. She was only nine years old. She was forced into domestic labour, but her family never received any of the promised money. In 2008 Anwara was freed by a local NGO. From then on she has been fighting the trafficking of girls and early marriage. Thanks to her 200 children who had left school picked up their education where they had left off. Anwara has managed to help prevent several cases of girl trafficking in her surroundings and she has reunited many girls with their families. Moreover, she has helped prevent a number of early marriages by pressuring the local authorities