A Kids Rigts Initiative

In 2014, Neha won the International Children’s Peace Prize. The two other nominees have all made an impressive difference in their environment, at a very young age, each in their own way:


Alexey - Russia

Alexey (17) from Russia is the face of the battle against the discrimination of the LGBTI youth (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersexed). He is the driving force behind the project ‘Children-404’; an online community where young Russian homosexuals and transgenders can exchange experiences. Alexey himself is openly homosexual and knows how important this support is. When the initiator of the project was persecuted for homosexual propaganda, Alexey organized a protest campaign, through which he inspired other youngsters to follow his example. He has been attacked twice on the street, but nothing can stop him in his fight against oppression.



Andrew - Ghana

Andrew (13) was eleven when he saw images of the famine in Somalia. He decided to take action to help these children. In the project Save Somali Children From Hunger, he collected money in the neighborhood and drew attention to the food crisis in the Horn of Africa. His activities did not go unnoticed, as he was soon invited to appear on radio and television. He is currently working on a food aid project to ensure that children in Ghana get three nourishing meals a day.