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Lifestory Thandiwe

In 2007, KidsRights gave the International Children’s Peace Prize to Thandiwe Chama from Zambia. She received the Children’s Peace Prize, at the age of 16, from Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams and Sir Bob Geldof, for her devotion to the rights of children in her country, especially their right to education.

Thandiwe’s school was closed when she was only 8 years old because of a lack of teachers. However, Thandiwe did not accept this and demanded education for her and her 60 schoolmates. The CECUP School took them in. After having seen the extent to which she could influence her environment, Thandiwe went to a government official to plead for a new building, so that the children did not have to study outside in the hot sun anymore. Ever since, Thandiwe has been fighting for the right to education for all children, including the poor and the ill. Thandiwe has seen the devastating effects of hiv/aids in her direct environment. Children dying of the disease, children not going to school and lacking the right nutrition. Taking action on behalf of children with hiv/aids and calling upon others to do their share is one of her great drives in daily life. She gets the community involved to provide fruits to sick children in the nearby hospital. She advises children and parents on testing for hiv, and has even taken children herself to do the test.

Thandiwe finished high school in 2013. During high school she has worked very hard to pursue her dream. She wants to be a nurse in the future.


2007 Winner Thandiwe Chama

Name              Thandiwe Chama
Nationality      Zambian
Year of birth   1991
Residence      Lusaka
Winner in        2007
Subject           The right to education

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