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The International Children's Peace Prize 2011 was presented to Michaela Mycroft, also called Chaeli, by Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire. Chaeli received the prize, at the age of 17, for her commitment to the rights of children with disabilities in South Africa, through her project: the Chaeli Campaign.
Chaeli was born with Cerebral Palsy, through which the function of her arms and legs is limited. But where others see limitations, she sees possibilities; with her positive attitude, she is an inspiration to many. At the age of 9, Chaeli and her friends and sister started a project to raise money for a motorized wheelchair for Chaeli. In just seven weeks they raised more than enough money, so Chaeli decided to help more disabled children. This project has become the Chaeli Campaign; a professional organisation that annually helps more than 3000 children with disabilities in South Africa with equipment and physical therapy, and that promotes the rights, inclusion and acceptance of disabled children. Chaeli inspires other children to start projects and for that she has developed an ambassadors programme.

Since Chaeli won the prize, she has done a lot of interviews, television and radio performances, and many visits on location. Because Chaeli is so well spoken, she is very capable of advocating the importance of the rights of disabled children.

In 2012, Chaeli received the first Medal for Social Activism during the Nobel for Peace Summit in Chicago. The medal was presented by Nobel Peace Prize winner F.W. De Klerk, on behalf of all Nobel Peace Laureates. Chaeli gave a speech about the importance of inclusion of disabled peolple in society. Later that year, she participated in a UNESCO conference in Paris, which was about the inclusion of young people in the decision-making process of education. During this conference, Chaeli gave a keynote speech about the importance of integrating disabled young people in the decision-making process of education.

Currently, Chaeli studies Social Sciences at the University of Cape Town. She is the first student in a wheelchair who also has a personal assistant to live with her on the campus of the university. Chaeli is very active in her student life. Among other things, she climbed the Kilimanjaro and will compete in the Comrades Marathon in South Africa as the first contestant in a wheelchair. 

2011 Winner Chaeli Mycroft

Name Chaeli Mycroft

Nationality South African
Year of birth 1994
Residence Cape Town
Winner in 2011
Subject The rights of children
with disabilities


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