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Lifestory Kesz

Kesz from the Philippines won the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2012. The prize was presented to him by Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu. At the age of 13, Kesz won the prize for his achievements in helping street children in his country. As a little boy, Kesz lived on the streets and the dumpsite of Cavite City. By living there, Kesz was constantly in danger of attracting diseases or injury. At the age of five, after he was severely burned on the dumpsite, a social worker took Kesz into his home and began to give him a loving and safe life.

However, Kesz did not forget about the street children he left behind. For his seventh birthday, he wanted no presents for himself, but instead asked to share slippers with his former companions, so that they would no longer cut their feet open on the streets. Kesz’ organisation, Championing Community Children (C3), became a fact. In the mean time, many people have joined Kesz, and C3 has become a great success. Furthermore, through the Wealthy Healthy Outreach project, C3 gives training about hygiene, children’s rights en healthy food. During the outreach project, the children learn how to brush their teeth and how to wash themselves (among other things). The children also learn how they can pass the information on to the other children on the street. The organisation has helped over 10,500 children in 48 different communities. The team has taken care of more than 3,000 wounds and more than 4,000 toothbrushes have been distributed.

After all the help and support that Kesz gives to the children on the street, he goes to school where he is doing very well. After high school, Kesz wants to study medicine at the university and after which he wants to be a doctor.


2012 Winner Kesz

Name               Kesz

Nationality       Filipino
Year of birth    1998
Residence       Cavite City
Winner in         2012
Subject            Street children

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