2006 International Children's Peace Prize ceremony

International Children's Peace Prize


"Adults must listen to children, it's every child's right."

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Om Prakash Gurjar (14)


Om Prakash Gurjar (India)

Nobel Peace Laureate

F.W. De Klerk

Who were there

At the International Children's Peace Prize 2006, the following speakers were present:

  • Agnes van Ardenne – Minister for Development Cooperation, host on behalf of the Dutch government
  • F.W. De Klerk – Nobel Peace Laureate 1993, South Africa
  • Kailash Satyarthi - Chairman Global March Against Child Labour and Global Campaign for Education, India
  • Paul Roselaers – Director partnerships at the International Labour Organisation (ILO)
  • Rijkman Groenink – CEO ABN AMRO
  • Carel Kraayenhof – Dutch musical artist for musical intermezzo


In 2006, Om Prakash Gurjar from India won the International Children’s Peace Prize. He received the prize, at the age of 14, from Nobel Peace Laureate F.W. De Klerk, former president of South Africa. He was awarded the prize for his unceasing work to combat child labor and liberate child slaves in India. Om Prakash was liberated from slavery after having worked from his 5th until his 8th year under grueling circumstances.


Stop Foundation

The 2006 project fund supports girls who were rescued from brothels in New Delhi. After the girls are rescued, they receive shelter and are supported to reintegrate into society. All girls in the shelter older than 14, receive training in making bags and jewelery, helping them to reintegrate into society and diminishing the risk of being (sexually) exploited again.