2007 International Children's Peace Prize ceremony

International Children's Peace Prize


"Don't play with school, just go! Take your education seriously."

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Thandiwe Chama (16)


Thandiwe Chama (Zambia)


Meshack Celestin Katabe (Congo), Klodeta Bica (Albania), Chizaso Mtonga (Zambia)

Nobel Peace Laureate

Betty Williams and Sir Bob Geldof

Who were there

At the International Children's Peace Prize 2007, the following speakers were present:

  • Maxime Verhagen – Minister of Foreign Affairs, host on behalf of the Dutch government
  • Betty Williams – Nobel Peace Laureate 1976, Ireland
  • Bob Geldof – Man of Peace from 2005, Ireland
  • Prof. Jaap Doek – former Chairman of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and Board member of the Children’s Peace Prize committee
  • Jan Peter Schmittmann – Member of the Managing Board of ABN AMRO and CEO of the ABN AMRO the Netherlands
  • Om Prakash Gurjar – Children’s Peace Prize Laureate 2006, India
  • African Mama’s – group of South African singers who performed for the musical intermezzo

Lifestory Thandiwe


MeshackMeshack Celestin Katabe - Congo DRC  

Meshack is a refugee from Congo, who was forced to flee his country because of the war. He is living in a refugee camp in Tanzania together with 57,600 other child refugees and dedicates his time helping others in every way he can. He is working as a leader in providing activities to support child refugees and has won a competition for all child refugees in the area of intelligence, children’s rights, organization and good behavior.


KlodetaKlodeta Bica - Albania

Klodeta from Albania is physically disabled and had to walk on crutches. She and her sister were walking to school everyday through the mountains and the often extreme cold. But this did not stop her. Klodeta has a passion for life and, through her courage and perseverance, is an example for all handicapped children in Albania who have it far from easy. Her message is: “you can do it if you want to”.  In 2005, Klodeta worked together with a programme for handicapped children called: “Different, but the same”.  Through this programme, 350 handicapped children in Klodeta’s area received better and increased opportunities in education, medical care and aid.


ChizasoChizaso Mtonga - Zambia

Chizaso from Zambia has lost both parents and has been living in an orphanage for several years.  Chizaso was using theatre to spread her message.  She was performing certain issues such as child abuse, through singing, dancing and acting.  One of her acts is called ‘There isn’t a girl in the world that is free”.  Once you watch one of her acts, you will never forget her. Chizaso wants people to be aware that children and especially girls have rights equal to everyone else in the world.


In 2007, KidsRights gave the International Children’s Peace Prize to Thandiwe Chama from Zambia. She received the Children’s Peace Prize, at the age of 16, from Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams and Sir Bob Geldof, for her devotion to the rights of children in her country, especially their right to education.


The Jack CECUP School and Hodi

The 2007 project fund is invested in two projects. The Jack CECUP School, where winner of the International Children’s Peace Prize 2007 Thandiwe Chama received her primary education, has been expanded with two new classrooms. With Hodi, classrooms and homes for teachers have been built in villages where many children used to work as child labourers in the tobacco industry, so that they are now able to go to school.